Food Smoking Wood Chips - 8 Pack

Smoking Wood Chips - 8 Pack

Smoking Wood Chips - 8 Pack

This Smoking Wood Chip special offer comprises 8 bags of the most popular wood chips flavours. Wood chips can be put directly on the fire or for best results placed in a pouch made from heavy duty tin foil - use a toothpick or the end of a knife to prick holes on the topside side of the pouch. These wood chip pouches are then placed directly on the burning charcoal.

Alder, Apple, Beech, Cherry, Hickory, Maple, Oak, Whiskey Oak

Pack contains 8 x 400g resealable bags of Wood Chips

DID YOU KNOW: To add smoke flavour when HOT smoking pork shoulder, brisket or ribs requires about 2 hours of smoke. Unlike COLD smoking which requires a continual flow of smoke for full duration.

NOTE: If you are after smaller quantities I have seen wood chips for sale in Waitrose and B&Q.

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Price: 34.99 (Including VAT at 20%)

The different types of wood used to smoke food

There are various types of wood used to smoke your food which will mainly depend on the device you are using.

Wood chips are the most common and are used with larger smokers e.g. ProQ Frontier, ProQ Excel, Brinkmann Smoke n Grill etc. It is best to use them in a smoker box which allows the wood chips to smolder and therefore produces a constant stream of rich smoke. Can also be used on a gas BBQ with a domed lid.

Wood chunks are with larger smokers e.g. ProQ Frontier and Brinkmann smokers and are usually placed directly on the fire. They can be soaked in water before use which will allow them to burn for longer.

Please note using treated wood or wood that you are not able to establish its origin can be a health hazzard. Treated wood can give off toxic fumes and should be avoided. Some woods like willow and pine are in themselves toxic and should not be used for BBQ food smoking.