Which BBQ Food Smoker?

What can I use to smoke food

You can smoke food on any BBQ with a lid, so try it out before buying a dedicated smoker. All you need is a handful of wood chips or chunks placed on the fire. Make a pouch out of aluminium foil with 6 little holes on one side for the smoke to escape through. Place on the fire with holes facing up. A handful of wood chips will produce a rich flow of smoke for about 20 minutes. If you are using a BBQ remember to use less charcoal as we need a reduced heat around 250 degrees F. Have enough charcoal and a charcoal starter to keep the fire going.

What else can I cook on a BBQ Smoker

Although food smokers are designed to smoke food, they can also be used to grill, roast and water smoke.

Is BBQ Smoking easy

Smoking food is easier the grilling as it requires less hands on time. Once your fire is ready the smoker does the rest and your meat won't burn as it is not above the fire. It is quite common to smoke overnight due to the amount of time it takes.

What is BBQ Smoking

BBQ smoking requires a heat source using charcoal briquettes and smoke produced by placing wood chips on the fire. It is advisable to place wood chips in a container so they smoulder rather than flame. Many people new to food smoking may think you only need smoke to hot smoke food, however hot smoking does require both and smoke at the same time. Cold smoking and is quite a different process. You can use our Cold Smoke Generator to cold smoke any type of food.

Which BBQ Smoker is right for me

If you are new to food smoking then consider a Vertical Smoker, not only good for smoking they can be be used as a BBQ, roaster or water smoker as well. These vertical BBQ smokers have enough cooking capacity to cook for both family and friends. On the ProQ Frontier the cooking capacity is around 6 medium sized chickens which is 3 on each grill shelf. The ProQ Ranger is smaller and will fit 4 chickens whilst the ProQ Excel 20 will easily BBQ smoke 8 chickens. The most popular meats are pork shoulder (pulled pork) and brisket which is the tastiest beef cut. Brisket is tough until BBQ smoked for 16 hours. Don't be put off by the extended cooking time as the Frontier hot smoker will only need the fire to be restarted once as it will burnt for up to 10 hours on one basket full of charcoal briquettes.

If you need large grilling capacity and want to smoke as well, then consider a horizontal BBQ smoker.