Smoker Box

Wood Chip Smoker Box

Wood Chip Smoker Box

This stainless steel wood chip smoker box allows wood chips to smoke longer for richer smoke flavour. The advantage of a box is that the chips smoulder and produce smoke rather than burst into flame and produce heat and therefore getting the most flavour. For use with charcoal, gas or electric smokers and grills. Best for use with wood chips or wood dust. This smoker box is used only to smolder wood chips and is used in conjunction with and food smoker.

AN ALTERNATIVE to this smoker box is to make pouches out of aluminium foil and insert a handful of wood chips, then fold close and then poke a few holes in the top of the pouch. These pouches are then place on the fire as needed and will produce a steady flow of smoke for about 20 - 30 minutes. Make 6 or more at a time and then chuck them in through the inspection door when required. I prefer this method as refueling the box is difficult as you first need to retrieve it from a hot fire.

* Dimensions 18 x 8 x 4.5cm

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Video of Cold Smoke Container

The different types of wood used to smoke food

There are various types of wood used to smoke your food which will mainly depend on the device you are using.

Wood chips and wood pellets are the most common and are used with larger smokers e.g. Frontier, Amigo, Brinkmann Smoke n Grill etc. It is best to use them in a smoker box which allows the wood chips to smolder and therefore produces a constant stream of rich smoke. Can also be used on a gas BBQ with a domed lid.

Wood Granules are used with the Cameron stovetop smoker or the Anuka electric smoker. These wood granules produce less smoke and smolder at lower temperatures which is more suitable to indoor smoking.

Wood chunks are with larger smokers e.g. Amigo, Frontier and Brinkmann smokers and are usually placed directly on the fire. They can be soaked in water before use which will allow them to burn for longer.

Please note using treated wood or wood that you are not able to establish its origin can be a health hazzard. Treated wood will give toxic fumes and should be avoided. Some woods like willow and pine are in themselves toxic and should not be used for food smoking.