ProQ Frontier Elite BBQ Food Smoker - Version 4.0

ProQ Frontier Elite BBQ Food Smoker - Version 4.0
ProQ Frontier BBQ Smoker V4.0New Verion 4.0 ImprovementsNew Flip 'n Grate attachment on basketSlow-cooked-meat-Roast Chicken cooked on a ProQ Frontier BBQ Smoker

ProQ Frontier Elite BBQ Food Smoker - Version 4.0


Price: 294.98 (Including VAT at 20%)

FREE Bag of Wood Chips
Proq Frontier Cover + £14.99
FREE Fish Hanger


The ProQ Frontier Elite Version 4.0 BBQ Food Smoker is our mid range smoker and is an ideal hot smoker when cooking for family and friends. As a rough guide you can fit 3 medium chickens on each of the two stainless steel cooking grills. The modular design allows you to add a stacker for additional smoking capacity or remove a stacker if you are hot smoking or roasting smaller amounts of meat.

The Frontier Elite BBQ food smoker will burn up to 8 hours on one load of charcoal briquettes, which means it can be left slow cooking overnight. The introduction of stainless steel grills makes cleaning so much easier and of course they won't rust. The ProQ Frontier is our most popular smoker due to its size and modular design. Great for hot smoking pork shoulder, brisket, hot smoked Salmon and cold smoked salmon using our nifty cold smoke generator.

You can know add the ProQ pizza stone for cooking delicious pizzas on the Frontier smoker. Also available is the new griddle accessory for cooking a full English breakfast, fish, pancakes, etc. Slow cooking beef and pork with a Mexican marinade and using the ProQ griddle accessory for cooking Tacos means you can now add Mexican cuisine to your alfresco menu.

ProQ Frontier Elite BBQ Food Smoker Specifications showing the NEW VERSION 4.0 FEATURES:

* Extra thick (1mm) metal body
* Fully porcelain coated
* 2 x Stainless Steel Grills
* Eyelets for attaching temperature gauges
* New design fire basket with handles
* Temperature Gauge
* Water bowl
* New bracket for fitting the Flip'n Grate
* 50lbs cooking capacity
* Dimensions: 102cm High - 43cm Wide
* Grill Diameter: 43cm (2 grills)
* 95% assembled (only the legs need to be attached)
* Packaging Box size: 45 x 45 x 66 cm
* FREE Fish / Meat / Rib Hanger
* FREE Bag of Wood Chips

Watch videos showing you how to smoke various foods on a ProQ Frontier


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Some of the many foods created on a ProQ Frontier BBQ Smoker

Best ribs cooked on a ProQ Frontier BBQ smoker

Best ribs cooked on a ProQ Frontier BBQ smoker

Truly delicious ribs cooked on a ProQ BBQ smoker. Coated the night before in dark brown sugar, pepper and paprika. Slow cooked for 9 hours at 250 degrees centigrade. Wrap in aluminium foil after 3 hours and keep the water bowl totted up. Spray with apple juice every hour.

ProQ Frontier 2018 Upgraded Features

ProQ Frontier 2018 Upgraded Features

ProQ Frontier Smoker Summary of new features:

- Now coated with an even more durable porcelain coating
- Modified Charcoal Basket made from thicker materials to last longer
- All models fitted with a bracket to enable use of the Flip'nGrate
- Cool touch silicone fiited to both door handles
- New door design to ensure a better fit/ seal
- Larger temperature gauge
- Meat hooks, hook now at 90 degrees for more hanging space
- Nuts welded in position for much easier to assembly
- Vents - made from thicker material which improves the seal
- Vent adjustment tabs now fitted with cool touch silicone covers
- New bracket for fitting the Flip'n Grate

Video showing ProQ Elite Version 4.0 Features
Flip'n Grate attached to charcoal basket

Flip'n Grate attached to charcoal basket

The new ProQ vertical smokers are now supplied with a new style charcoal basket with a bracket to attached the Flip'n Grate. You can replace your old style charcoal basket for the new style. Flip'n Grate must be ordered seperatley.

BBQ Smoker Size Comparison

BBQ Smoker Size Comparison

ProQ Frontier grill size versus the Ranger and Excel 20

We have used medium sized chickens to give you a better idea of the grill size capacity of each of the 3 ProQ BBQ smokers. Each smoker has 2 grills so you can double the amount shown in the photos.
Inside the Proq Frontier Smoker

Inside the Proq Frontier Smoker

ProQ Frontier Model Comparison

ProQ Frontier Model Comparison

Using the ProQ Frontier Smoker

Hot smoking on your ProQ Frontier Elite food smoker you will need good quality charcoal briquettes. For the best results meats like pork shoulder and brisket you will need to hot smoke up to 16 hours at about 200 degrees Fahrenheit. What works well is to light your charcoal at about 10 pm and leave to cook all night relighting the fire first thing in the morning for the rest of the cooking duration. This is perfect timing for lunchtime entertaining. If it looks like rain then protect your food smoker with a garden umbrella. Don't worry about outside ambient temperature as long as you are maintaining your 200 degrees Fahrenheit. On still days you will need all 3 bottom and top vents open. If it is windy you can turn all three bottom vents of your Frontier three quarters open. Hot food smoking is very much a hands off operation only needing you to check the fire from time to time.

Hot Smoked Salmon on your Proq Frontier

Hot smoking Salmon on your ProQ Frontier food smoking is quick, easy and delicious. Use a good quality side of Salmon cut into 2 inch strips. Light your charcoal and when they turn grey place the Salmon on a sheet of tin foil and place on the top grill of your smoker. Cook at 200 - 250 degrees Fahrenheit for 1 - 2 hours depending on your preference. You will need 1 or 2 wood chip sachets at the start of the smoke and at the end. A light sprinkling of Teriyaki or sweet chilli sauce during the cook adds a delicious flavour.

Using your ProQ smoker to Hot Smoke Chicken

The approach to hot smoking chicken on your smoker is similar to smoking pork shoulder and brisket except you will need to fill your charcoal basket three quarters full and depending on the size of chicken(s) they will only need 2 to 3 hours at about 200 degrees fahrenheit. You have the option of filling the water bowl which will increase the humidity in your food smoker and produce a very moist and succulent meat. If you want a less moist, browned chicken then leave the water bowl dry. To get an array of flavours then use a dry rub on your chicken(s) the night before and smoke the chicken(s). The easiest way to produce smoke is to make pouches out of aluminium foil by tearing 8 inch by 8 inch squares and then place a generous handful of wood chips in the centre and then fold in. Don't forget to prick half a dozen small holes on the top side with a toothpick or the sharp end of a knife. Make half a dozen or so at a time. Add one pouch at the start of the cook and 1 towards the end. Your can vary the amount to suit the strength of smoke flavour.

Smoking Wood Chips

Hot food smoking does not need wood smoke for the full duration of the cook. Hot smoking is often confused with cold smoking which does need a continuous flow of smoke for entire smoking period. The easiest way is to make your own wood chip sachets by tearing 8 x 8 inch square pieces of aluminium foil and placing a handful of wood chips in the middle - fold and then pierce 6 small holes in the top. When you need to produce smoke in your hot smoker all you need to do is open the bottom access door of your Frontier smoker and toss one or 2 onto the coals. Each sachet will smoulder and produce a steady stream of hot smoke for up to 30 minutes. There is no need to wet the wood chips. If you have wood chunks then these re placed on the coals. There are wood chip containers that work well with gas BBQ's but not practical with our food smokers as you will need to remove a very hot container from the coals to refill unlike the wood chip sachets that can added when needed.

A bit about the ProQ Frontier ELITE hot food smoker

The ProQ Frontier hot food smoker benefits from a ceramic outer coating for protection from the weather. The stainless steel components won't rust and are easier to clean. The Frontier is a good size smoker, not too large or too small so the perfect size for catering for family and friends. The well spaced vents allow the charcoal briquettes to burn evenly giving you full control over cooking temperatures and burn times. Using coconut shell briquettes will give you up to 10 hours continuous heat which is essential when hot smoking pork shoulder (pulled pork) and brisket. The Frontier is modular, made from 4 separate sections, the advantages are that it can be made smaller when cooking fewer items or larger by adding an extra stacker or using the top lid and base turns it into a portable grill or mini oven.

Sweet Sticky Ribs

Sweet Sticky Ribs

ProQ Frontier Model Size Comparison

ProQ Frontier Model Size Comparison

The Different Methods of Cooking Explained

BBQ / Grilling

Barbecue abv. BBQ is grilling food on a portable device with a metal grill. It originates from the 17th century word - Barbacoa which is a method of outdoor cooking on a raised open fire. This method of cooking took longer to catch on in the UK than in other parts of the world, but now is a regular way of cooking especially in summer. Burgers and sausages were the most popular grilled/BBQ food, but now anything goes including: grilling chicken, steak, chops and vegetables. Barbecuing is relatively easy once your fire is just right and the guest arrive on time. It is very much a hands on activity making sure you turn the meat regularly before it burns and managing flare ups with a beaker of water which should be kept close at hand. Failure to do this will require you to rush inside, frantically filling anything nearby in which time the meat has been burnt beyond recognition. As a result indirect grilling and food smoking is becoming more popular as it is much easier and a lot less frantic.

Indirect Cooking/grilling/barbecuing

Indirect cooking is when meat or fish is not placed directly above the coals and therefore will not burn as with traditional grilling where the meat is placed directly above the coals. To cook your meat using the indirect method you will need to have your charcoal occupying one half of the barbecue and then place your meat on the half with no fire below it. This method also requires that your BBQ has a domed cover which effectively turns your BBQ into an oven. Indirect cooking times are longer: the meat remains moist as the cover keeps in the moisture as there is no direct heat to deplete the meats natural juices. Needless to say this is a much healthier method of cooking. Vertical food smokers are best for indirect cooking as there is much more distance between the coals and the meat, therefore the meat can't burn. These food smokers have two grills which enable cooking capacities of up to 6 medium sized chickens at the same time.

Food Smoking

Smoking meat, joints, ribs, fish uses the indirect method of cooking with the introduction of smoke and requires a vertical or horizontal smoker or can be done on a BBQ with a lid. The result from this method is tasty, moist and succulent food. Smoking is done at lower temperatures for long periods of time - not a problem because once your fire is right you just leave the meat to cook/smoke, it won't need turning and the fire won't flare up - although you will occasionally need to check the food and make sure the fire is producing the right temperature of around 200 degrees Fahrenheit. The smoke is produced by placing wood chunks (about 2" x 2") directly on the fire or wood chips enclosed in aluminium foil and then placed directly on the fire.

Water Smoking

Please see Food Smoking above. Water smoking is food smoking / slow cooking with the introduction of a water bowl (supplied with the Frontier, and Brinkmann and Excel food smokers). The water in the water bowl evaporates creating a moist cooking environment resulting in the most tender and succulent meat / fish. You can add beer or herbs to the water for additional flavour. Water smoking can be done on a BBQ with a hood - you will need an old pan for the water, however you will get the best results with a vertical smoker.

Vertical Smokers

Vertical smokers like the ProQ Frontier, ProQ Excel 20 and Brinkmann food smokers are likened to a vertical barrel and are used to smoke, water smoke, grill and roast food. It is this versatility that make them so popular. They all have at least 2 cooking shelves, a water bowl and adjustable vents to control the internal temperature. They use less fuel and are well sized for entertaining both friends and family.

Horizontal Smokers

Horizontal smokers are like a barrel with legs and are well suited for food smoking and grilling in larger quantities. The side box is used to produce both the heat for slow cooking and smoke for additional flavour. Although you cannot see from the picture, there is an opening between the fire box and the main chamber, this feeds the main chamber with the meat in.  Great for food smoking and grilling due to the large amount of grilling space.

Tips on using your ProQ Smoker for Roasting, Grilling or Smoking.

Using the ProQ as a Grill

To grill your food on a ProQ BBQ you will need the base unit, charcoal basket and one of the grills. Lite the charcoal in the charcoal basket until the charcoal has turns all grey in colour.
Place the grill on the brackets just inside the lip of the base - you are now ready to cook. Use the lid if the flare ups get out of hand or keep the lid on if you want to use it like a little Weber "Kettle". Makes an ideal portable BBQ.

Using the ProQ to Roast

To roast your food on a ProQ BBQ you will need the base one or both cooking chambers (dependent on how many people you want to feed), the water pan and the lid. Start the charcoal in the charcoal basket until the charcoal has no more "black bits" visible. Whilst you are waiting for the charcoal to burn down, you can prepare your cooking chamber. Fill the water pan with water. For extra flavour you can add beer, wine or some herbs of your choice. Some people think that the water pan has no effect on the end results, but I always use one with or without water as it acts as the barrier between the fire and food. Place the food on the grill, just above the water pan and once the charcoal is ready, place the cooking chamber onto the base unit. Place the lid onto the cooking chamber, sit back and enjoy the party. A medium size chicken should take about 3 hours, but it's always best to use a probe thermometer to be sure it's properly done.

Using the ProQ as Smoker

To roast your food on a ProQ smoker set up the unit as if you are going to roast, the only difference is that you will be adding some wood chips or wood chunks to create smoke. The amount and type of wood added will determine the amount will determine the smokey flavour as each variety of wood, imparts a different taste to the food. Experiment by mixing different wood types together. The smoking wood is usually added at the begining of the cooking process, and if a very slight smokey taste is what you're after, just a handful of chips, should do the trick. Add more chips if you want a stronger flavour. Smoking is easier than barbecueing as once setup you need only check the fire every 30 minutes or so. It is a good idea to have lit charcoal ready in case you need to add more.

Some Facts about Food Smoking

DID YOU KNOW? You can food smoker on any BBQ with a lid, so try it out on your existing BBQ. All it will require is some wood chunks that you place directly on the fire or wood chips which will need to be wrapped in a tin foil pouch with 2 small holes on each side for the smoke to escape from.

DID YOU KNOW? Although food smokers are specially designed to smoke food, they can also be used to BBQ (Grill), Roast Water Smoke and steam food.

DID YOU KNOW? Smoking food is easier and requires less hands on time than traditional barbecuing. This is because once you have the fire going the smoker does the rest and your meat will not burn as the food smoker water bowl act as a barrier between the fire and food.

Which Food Smoker is right for me?

If you are new to food smoking then consider the Brinkmann or ProqVertical Food Smokers, not only they great smokers they can be used to BBQ, roast or water smoke as well. It also has enough cooking capacity for both family and friends.

What about Horizontal Food Smokers

If you want to BBQ most of the time and smoke occasionally, then consider a horizontal smoker / grill as horizontal smokers have a large grill area and are also great for indirect cooking, (this is where you have your fire on one half and you meat on the other). Indirect cooking is also much healthier as the meat won't get charred.

Customer Comments - Martin Allen - Dorset

I would first like to thank you for your excellent service and advice when I ordered my ProQ Frontier food smoker. Since taking delivery back in April I have hardly stopped using it as right from the first cook we have not had a disappointing result.

The day we received the smoker I hot smoked a whole chicken with a bacon joint which were both delicious. A few days later I progressed to a full blown BBQ for a group of 10 people. Aside from the oohs and aahhhs there was silence through the meal which included pork ribs, kebabs, fillet steak and sausages. We like our steak rare so that went in last but everything
else was cooked evenly and to perfection. I placed foreign sweet corn on the spikes of the rib basket and have never tasted corn like it. We now use our ProQ Frontier more than our oven and that includes cooking Sunday roast be it beef, pork, lamb or chicken. The spuds go in as well.

Keith Erlandsons Home Smoking and Curing (ordered on your advice) explains further how simple smoking can be and I would also recommend it.

I am now ordering the ProQ Cold Smoke Generator to complete (for the moment) the list of accessories I need to achieve my desired results. I intend to wait for slightly cooler weather and cold smoke over night.

I wanted you to know how pleased my whole family are with the ProQ Frontier and to wish you continued success in your excellent business.
Christoph Philipp - Germany

Christoph Philipp - Germany

This weekend it was finally time to try our new Frontier smoker and it was just lovely. In omparison to our old smoker this ProQ model is much much better. It was much more fun and the results were perfect. Thanks again for being so helpful with my order. I attached a picture of our ribs.
Have a nice week!
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