ProQ Excel 20 Elite Hot Food Smoker Version 4.0

ProQ Excel Elite BBQ Food Smoker - VERSION 4.0

ProQ Excel Elite BBQ Food Smoker - VERSION 4.0

The ProQ Excel Elite Version 4.0 BBQ food smoker is our largest in the ProQ range of vertical food smokers and is suited for commercial use and / or those smoking larger quantities of meat and fish. Also allows for more space for smoking ribs which do take up more space.

The Excel offers everything you need to hot smoke, water smoke, roast and grill and can be increased in size by adding another stacker. Probably the best food smoker ever made. As an indication of size you can hot smoke up to 8 medium sized chickens, that is 4 on each grill. The advantage of a vertical smokers is their modular design which allows for easy access to both grills and the fire compartment by simply removing a stacker. There is a fish / meat hanger is housed in the lid and can also be used to slow cook a sucking pig or large leg of lamb - this is achieved by removing the grills and hanging the sucking pig using the supplied hook rack which is situated inside the top of the lid.

The ProQ range are designed in the United Kingdom and like most products today are manufactured in China, but to a very high standard. The Excel can also be used to cold smoke food using the ProQ cold smoke generator and using the Excel as the smoke container. So if you like smoking lots of ribs then ProQ Excel is the model to consider.

ProQ Excel Elite BBQ Food Smoker Specifications showing the NEW VERSION 4.0 FEATURES:

* Hot Food Smoker, Water Smoker, Roaster all on one
* Extra thick (1mm) metal body
* Fully porcelain coated
* Silicone coated handles
* 2 x Stainless Steel Grills
* Water bowl
* Eyelets for attaching temperature gauges
* Temperature Gauge
* New bracket for fitting the Flip'n Grate
* Remove stacker transforms it into portable BBQ
* Folding side handles for compact storage
* 3 air vents in the base for total temperature control
* Height: 120cm Diameter: 50cm
* Packaging Box size: 54 x 54 x 76.5 cm
* Packing Weight: 26 kg
* Free Fish / Meat / Rib Hanger


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Price: 394.99 (Including VAT at 20%)

ProQ Excel 2018 Upgraded Features

ProQ Excel 2018 Upgraded Features

ProQ Excel Smoker Summary of new features:

- Modified Charcoal Basket made from thicker materials to last longer
- All models fitted with a bracket to enable use of the Flip'nGrate
- Cool touch silicone fiited to both door handles
- New door design to ensure a better fit/ seal
- Larger temperature gauge
- Meat hooks, hook now at 90 degrees for more hanging space
- Nuts welded in position for much easier to assembly
- Vents - made from thicker material which improves the seal
- Vent adjustment tabs now fitted with cool touch silicone covers
- New bracket for fitting the Flip'n Grate

Video showing ProQ Elite Version 4.0 Features
Flip'n Grate attached to charcoal basket

Flip'n Grate attached to charcoal basket

The new ProQ vertical smokers are now supplied with a new style charcoal basket with a bracket to attached the Flip'n Grate. You can replace your old style charcoal basket for the new style. Flip'n Grate must be ordered seperatley.

BBQ Smoker Size Comparison

BBQ Smoker Size Comparison

ProQ Excel grill size versus the Ranger and Frontier

We have used medium sized chickens to give you a better idea of the grill size capacity of each of the 3 ProQ BBQ smokers. Each smoker has 2 grills so you can double the amount shown in the photos.
Inside the Proq Excel 20 Food Smoker#

Inside the Proq Excel 20 Food Smoker#

ProQ Excel Food Smoker Model Comparison

ProQ Excel Food Smoker Model Comparison
Beef Short Ribs

Beef Short Ribs

Slow cooked smoked beef short ribs cooked on the ProQ Excel 20 Elite BBQ Smoker
ProQ Model Sizes

ProQ Model Sizes

ProQ Excel Features

ProQ Excel Features

The ProQ Excel Elite is our largest food smoker and suited to those needing to smoke food / fish in larger quantities. It is also a good size for smoking larger quantities of ribs as ribs take up quite a lot of space. The smaller Frontier food smoker is our best seller and ideal for smoking food for family and friends.

Like the Frontier the Excel shares the same modular design: base lid and 2 stackers. This arrangement provides quick and easy access to both grills, for inspecting food and the fire basket for refuelling. The door in each of the stackers is used to view the progress of the food without removing the lid. The fire baskets on both food smokers are constructed from steel mesh to allow all round air flow which is essential for maintaining even burning charcoal briquettes. Each stacker has an eyelet as an exit point for a temperature monitor. The base has 3 air vents again to allow for even and constant airflow plus giving you full control of smoking temperatures.

Both the Frontier and Excel Elite hot smoker's bodies are constructed from 1mm thick steel and has a strong enamelled outer skin. All the components: grills, nuts and bolts are made from stainless steel and the doors, handles and legs are aluminium. The stainless steel grills are hygienic, easy to clean and won't rust.

Hot smoking or as the Americans say "Long and Slow", is different from traditional barbecuing in that the food does not come into direct contact with the coals and we're cooks at relatively low temperatures (200 degrees Fahrenheit) for extended periods of time.

The Ranger, Frontier and Excel hot smokers are designed in the United Kingdom and are now sold worldwide. It is a fairly new brand but due to its design and value for money it is fast becoming one of the most sort after food smoker brands.