ProQ Eco Cold Smoke Container

ProQ Eco Cold Smoke Container

ProQ Eco Cold Smoke Container

The Eco container is specially designed to be used with the cold smoke generator as a cost effective smoke container for cold smoking your food. Great for cold smoking cheese, fish, garlic, pepper, salt etc.The ProQ Eco Cold Smoke Container has an outer casing made from cardboard with 3 metal shelves and a drip tray. When you are finished smoking the smoke container can be folded flat for compact storage.

ProQ Eco Cold Smoke Container Details:

* 3 x Chrome Plated Racks
* 2 x Drip Trays
* Cardboard Outer box
* Cardboard Inner box
* Cold Smoke Generator NOT INCLUDED
Height - 55cm (22 inches)
Width - 29cm (11.4 inches)
Depth - 29cm (11.4 inches)

Just like the cold smoke generator its simple a design that produces great results!!! The perfect gift for food smoking enthusiasts.

The ProQ Eco Smoker is designed for use ONLY with the ProQ Cold Smoke Generator. Using the box with any other brand or size may result in serious injury, death or damage to property. This product is not compatible with the ProQ Artisan Cold Smoke Generator.

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Eco Container Instructions

Price: 28.99 (Including VAT at 20%)

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