ProQ Cold Smoke Generator

ProQ Cold Smoke Generator

ProQ Cold Smoke Generator

The ProQ Cold Smoke Generator will produce a steady stream of cold smoke for up to 10 hours. It is ideal for cold smoking fish, cheese, sausages, garlic etc. The cold smoker can be used with any BBQ with a lid or vertical hot smoker, you could even use a metal dustbin or cardboard box to contain the smoke. Will require air vents for it to work effectively. The easy way to cold smoke your food for both commercial and home food smoking.

The ideal gift for fishermen and food smoking enthusiasts.

* Designed in the UK
* Will produce smoke for up to 10 hours
* New patented design
* Includes Oak wood dust for one 10 hour application only
* Dimensions: 6" x 6" x 1.5"


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Howard - Milton Keynes

Thanks very much for the great service got the cold smoker the next day and had a play on Saturday.

Customer Comments - Alex

Hi Roy , just thought I would send you a mail to let you know how pleased I am with the cold smoker and service / advice you sold me! I used an old milk churn , placed the cold smoker in it and with a few holes to get the air flow right produced the best smoked trout I have ever had ! Now for the salmon ! I am spreading the word about this fantastic bit of kit ! Alex

An Explanation on the Types of Cold Smoking

Firstly there are two methods of cold smoking: cold smoking for curing fish like smoked salmon and cold smoking for simply adding flavour.
Cold smoking for preservation is a process that starts off with curing and then cold smoking. The meat or fish is soaked in a special solution and then cold smoked for very long periods (days). Not only does the smoke need to be cool, but also the outside temperature as even warm conditions like a hot summer day will start to cook food. If you want to cold smoke for preserving food then you will to read up on this process.

Cold smoking to add flavour is easy and fun and very basically all you are doing is adding the delicious smoke flavour to things like cheese, sausages, paprika or any food that you may want to enhance the taste. This process requires a cold smoke generator and a container of sort, could be a box or a BBQ. Once you have smoked your food you can then cook it or freeze for cooking later.

Hope this helps to clear up the different methods of cold smoking.

Cold Smoke Generator Video

Home Smoking & Curing

Home Smoking & Curing

This book is a great introduction to hot and cold smoking and curing. Keith Erlandson talks about both the process and choosing the best meat and fish. His knowledge about the different types of salmon is invaluable and interesting.
Curing fish which is the stage before smoking is a delicated subject which Keith proves he has the experience with recipes and do and don'ts.
He covers a wide range of food smoking equipment including diagrams on building your own cold smoker - from a cardboard box to brick built smoke house.
We would recommend this book for anyone starting to cold smoke.
Can be bought from Amazon.

Cold Smoke Generator Video

Tips on Using the ProQ Cold Smoke Generator

The moisture content and consistency of the wood dust will determine how well the wood dust burns / smoulders. If it stops burning then the moisture content needs reducing by spreading the wood dust on a tray (non metallic) and microwaving for 30 seconds – this will reduce the moisture content. Additionally, compacting the wood dust by lightly pressing it down will also improve how well it burns / smoulders this mainly applies to Oak dust.

Is is good practice to clean the cold smoke generator after each use with a brush and soapy water, as the tiny holes in the mesh will eventually clog up with the resins from the wood and affect the efficiency of the cold smoke generator.

Good air flow is essential for keeping the wood dust burning, as the wood dust requires a constant flow of oxygen. So whichever container you choose to use be sure there are air holes at the base and at the top of the container.

If you are cold smoking and curing then be sure the ambient temperature is well below 32 degrees Centigrade as bacteria becomes active above these temperatures.
About Cold Smoking

About Cold Smoking

Cold smoking is synonymous with smoked salmon and is sometimes confused with hot smoking. Cold smoking can be used to cure fish, however today we use cold smoke to flavour foods, cheeses and spices e.g. pepper and salt. Hot smoking on the other hand combines heat and smoke to cook and flavour food at the same time.

To cold smoke with the ProQ Cold Smoke Generator you will need a container, a BBQ with a hod such as a Weber kettle, gas BBQ, or our specially designed Eco container. Whatever container you choose it will need in and out vents as the smoke generator is continually producing smoke and although the wood dust is just smoldering it does require a constant supply of oxygen to keep alight.
For more information on how to cold smoke search on Amazon plus there are many videos on