New To Food Smoking

DID YOU KNOW? You can smoke food on any BBQ with a lid, so try it out before buying a dedicated smoker. All you need is wood chips in pouch made from aluminium foil with a few small holes on each side for the smoke to escape from. You will need have the fire and meat as far apart a possible. If you want to try food smoking on a gas BBQ then you will need to put a handful of wood chips in and old tin and sit the tin above one of the burners. 

DID YOU KNOW? Although smokers are specially designed to smoke food they can also be used to BBQ (Grill), Roast, Water Smoke, steam food and cold smoke using our Cold Smoke Generator.

DID YOU KNOW? Smoking food is easy and requires less hands on time than traditional barbecuing / grilling. This is because once your charcoal is lit the smoker does the rest and your meat won't burn as slow cooking / smoking uses the indirect method of cooking. The indirect method is where the meat does not come into contact with the fire. In a vertical smoker the water bowl acts as the barrier and the offset fire box in a horizontal smoker prevents contact with the fire.

DID YOU KNOW? HOT smoking only requires smoke for the first 2 hours of the cooking process, unlike COLD smoking which requires a continual flow of  cold smoke for the whole duration.

DID YOU KNOW? Hot smoking requires you to make a fire using charcoal briquettes as the heat source. Wood chips are placed on the fire, preferably in a container so they smolder rather than flame. Many people new to food smoking think you only need smoke - hot smoking requires both heat and smoke. Cold smoking cures fish with a brine and exposure to smoke.

Which BBQ Smoker is right for me?

If you are new to food smoking then consider either the ProQ Frontier or the Brinkmann Gourmet. These vertical food smokers can also BBQ (grill), roaster or water smoker as well. They have two grills which is enough cooking capacity to cook for both family and friends. Consider the ProQ Frontier Elite if you are looking for the very best. The Frontier Elite is made from a heavier gauge metal and stainless grills.

If you like to BBQ most of the time and smoke occasionally, then consider a  horizontal smoker as these have a large grill area and are also great for indirect cooking, this is where you have your fire on one half and your meat on the other half or your fire is in the offset fire box. By the way indirect cooking is much healthier as the meat doesn't get burnt.

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Home Smoking & Curing

Home Smoking & Curing
This book is a great introduction to hot and cold smoking and curing. Keith Erlandson talks about both the process and choosing the best meat and fish. His knowledge about the different types of salmon is invaluable and interesting.

Curing fish which is the stage before smoking is a delicated subject which Keith proves he has the experience with recipes and do and don'ts.

He covers a wide range of food smoking equipment including diagrams on building your own cold smoker - from a cardboard box to brick built smoke house.

We would recommend this book for anyone starting to cold smoke. Can be bought from Amazon.