General BBQ Smoker Tips

* To prolong the life of your grill we recommend you wash it with soapy water and coat with cooking oil. Store it in a dry place.
* Wipe the inside and outside of your BBQ smoker with a damp rag or wet newspaper and then let it dry before applying a coat of cooking oil.
* If your BBQ shows signs of rust, we recommend you remove the rust with steel wool and then paint with heat resistant paint. Do not use paint on the inside of your BBQ as will contaminate your food.
* Cover your food smoker and store it in your shed or garage.

Health & Safety

* All uncooked meat contains bacteria which can be harmful - cooking meat kills this bacteria. It is important to wash your hands after handling raw meat.
* Wash plates that have been used to store / transport raw meat before using them to serve food. A suggestion would be to always have a clean bowl handy to put the cooked meat into.
* Use a wire brush to clean your BBQ grill before cooking. It is also a good idea to place your grill on the fire when you first light it to allows the heat and flames to kill germs. Don’t forget to clean the underside of the grill.
* Throw away marinade sauce after use, never reuse as it will contain the bacteria from the raw meat.
* Invest in a pair of leather gloves to protect you from hot surfaces.
Grill Cooking Tips - Proper Temperature
* Use a meat thermometer to be sure food has reached a safe internal temperature.
These are the recommended minimum internal temperatures to help determine your meat is cooed properly:
Chops: 145 degrees F
Ground Meat:160 degrees
Pork:160 degrees F
Poultry: 180 degrees F
Roasts: 145 degrees F

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