Cold Smoke Generator Press Release - October 2009

Cold Smoke Generator Press Release - October 2009
For Food Smokers based in Guildford specialize in a wide range of food smoking products are please to announce an exciting new cold smoking product.

Most people we speak to confuse hot and cold smoking, so a quick explanation might help. Hot smoking basically is indirect barbecuing with extra smoke produced from woods chips either put on the fire or in a metal container, this produces a steady stream of smoke which permeates the outer parts of your meat giving it a lovely flavour. Cold smoking is mainly a curing process and it normally done on an industrial scale - smoked salmon is the best example. The salmon is salted and then place on racks in a large wooden house with a constant stream of cold smoke, this cures and flavours the fish. It is best to cold smoke in winter as summer temperatures are too warm - these higher temperatures will upset the cold smoking process. Cold smoke can also be used to flavour bacon, cheese, sausages and fish. There are many cold smoking products out there, but they are expensive and require electricity to work. They also tend to use compressed wood dust in the form of disks which are then feed by a hopper system, these wood dust disks are expensive. The trouble is most people want to cold smoke meat, fish, cheese etc. just enough for their own consumption and this is has been what has motivated the development of our new cold smoke generator. The cold smoke generator will burn without intervention for up to 10 hours on one load of wood granules and can be used in any container with a lid - this could be a metal box, metal dustbin or a BBQ with a lid. Although simple in design it has taken almost a year to perfect. The cold smoke generator will appeal to chefs, butchers, fishermen and anyone who loves the taste and smell of smoke food. They will be ready to purchase before Christmas and will make an ideal gift.

Food Smoking - Cost effective and fun method of cooking - April 2009

Smoking food is an extremely cost effective way of producing delicious food giving one of the many positive effects due to the credit crunch.

Whether you've been hit by the credit crunch or not at all is still having a wider effect on our view of the world and you may wonder why? Up to now we have all been living life to the full, hardly giving a thought to our dwindling resources. What has really got us thinking is an increase in fuel prices, talk about food shortages and how dependent we have become on the big supermarkets for our basic needs.

All this has created an environment for change and we are now seeing people taking steps to become more self reliant. We've seen huge increases in the sale of gravy powder as people take to cooking more meals and using less packet food and what about the sales of vegetable seeds as we return to growing our own vegetables.

There are other ways of having fun and enjoying the best of what life has to offer and that's where we have seen a huge growth in the sale of food smokers. Instead of going out for dinner as often as we used to, investing in a food smoker allows you to produce restaurant standard meals for a fraction of the cost. Food smoking also offers more variety in what you cook and how you cook it, for example water smoking produces a flavourful, succulent meat and smoking a low cost cut like brisket for up to 16 hours results in a tender and very tasty meal which is hard to better even with more expensive cuts.

To date I think most of us have avoided food smoking thinking it is best left to the experts, but now people are finding that smoking food is in fact easier than barbecuing and is certainly less hands on. So just when you thought the credit crunch was going to lower your standard of living, it turns out it is creating exciting alternatives that can be more enjoyable and certainly will have less impact on your wallet.

If you would like more information on smoking food please visit or call Roy Jackson on 01483 203095.

Frontier wins Bronze Award - September 2007

ProBBQ based in Cornwall England, specialise in everything associated with food smoking and are now the number 1 distributor of a wide range of products for food smoking.

So why when our American cousins have been food smoking for as long as the UK have been getting to grips with barbecuing, has taken a British company to design a food smoker that has just won the Bronze medal for design at SPOGA in Germany sparking a big interest in America. "It is all about being passionate about food smoking and having a good understanding of the most used products" says Ian McKend of ProBBQ. When Ian started with food smoking 5 years ago he felt there was scope to produce a food smoker that was so versatile it could be used by anyone, anywhere; at home, on a camp site, and both large and small social events. It is the Smart Stacker design which made this possible.

The ProQ Frontier stacker is key to its versatility. By simply removing the stackers it transforms the Frontier into a portable unit and by adding up to 3 stackers increases the smoking capacity to over 75lbs. When smoking ribs the Americans tell us that for best results they must be smoked low and slow. The Frontier vent system allows burn times of up to 10 hours on a single load of charcoal which will ensure to get the best results - meaning succulent, tender and tasty food.

As well as being the most versatile food smoker on the market the Frontier is also a griller (BBQ), roaster and water smoker, so it is just a matter of mood and time that will decide what you will be cooking.

Food smoking is fast becoming the most popular method of alfresco cooking, so if you are looking for something different for Christmas then why not smoke or water smoke your turkey and as smoking is a hands off process you needn't worry about the weather.

Food Smoking - August 2007

For Food Smokers, who specialize in food smoking equipment, are seeing and increase in demand food smoking.

Whilst most people associate barbecuing with sunshine, being outdoors and enjoying delicious food with family and friends, the success is however dependent on lighting the fire at exactly the right time. So when the guests arrive, the food is ready to cook. What usually happens, is the the guests arrive late and by the time you have poured everyone their favourite tipple, the fire is nearing its end, putting you in panic mode. To make up for lost time you resort to reviving the fire using anything close at hand including any combustible materials helped with white spirits, petrol, newspaper and lots of huffing and puffing. With any luck you revive your fire and start cooking immediately to alleviate your guests now growing hunger. Inevitably you will end up serving them well burnt food.

Smoking or roasting takes on a totally different approach and is started well before your guests arrive, if they are late it won't be a problem. Marinading the meat, if required, can normally be done the night before, all you need do is make the fire. As smoking and roasting is a longer process, preparation starts about 2-3 hours before serving time. Smoking and roasting relies on an indirect heat and therefore the meat won't burn, resulting in a succulent, tender and tastier food. After you have placed your meat on the cooking grill(s) and replaced the lid you are done except for occasionally checking on the fire and adjusting the air vents as might be required. When the guests arrive everything is done at a leisurely pace as the cooking of the meat is totally under control. At this point you will now be enjoying your guests company with the wafts of appetite inducing aromas drifting from your smoker/roaster - almost ready to be served. When you serve your succulent array of meat the reaction will inspire you to give up your day job and become a celebrity chef.

In summary here are the six reasons why smoking / roasting is fast becoming the favoured method of outdoor cooking. Not forgetting about trying out roasting your Christmas turkey on your outdoor smoker roaster, in fact when you have a smoker you can grill (BBQ), roast, smoke, water smoke and steam all on the one device (please see pictures).

1.Smoking / roasting produces tastier and more succulent food
2.Indirect cooking is healthier (burnt meat is bad for you)
3.Easier, just make the fire, it does the rest with great results
4.Smoker/roasters are more versatile: grill, roast, smoke, water smoke & steam in the same unit
5.Smokers are used all year round, lid stays on all the time so not affected by wet weather
6.Never fail to impress your guests
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Food Smoking Press Release August 2006

Why is food smoking becoming so popular in the UK?

I guess it is all about taste. Traditional barbecuing can produce good tasting food, however smoking is more indulgent and allows you to create the mixtures of flavours and aromas that tickle your taste buds which traditional barbecuing just won't do. The smoking process takes longer as it smoking is an indirect method of cooking, the heat and smoke penetrate the food leaving a succulent array of flavours.
We are, as a nation become very keen on experimenting and developing our culinary skills and when it comes to barbecuing, then sausages and burgers have definitely become a dish of the past. Now that we are impressing our friends and family with marinated chicken, vegetable kebabs, lemon and garlic salmon cooked indirectly to keep in the flavours and natural moisture there is a move to smoking our food. You may be thinking but that requires expensive equipment and many hours of cooking, well not at all as there are many options for starting off.

Getting Started

If you already own a BBQ with a lid, which is needed to keep the heat and smoke in, then all you will need is a packet of compressed wood pellets or wood dust and some tin foil. Make a pouch out of the tin foil, add the pellets or wood dust and then use a tooth pick to make a small hole on either side of the pouch, add pouch to fire, place food on grill and put the lid on. Cooking time is the same as normal indirect BBQ cooking so all you need to do is wait for the magic to happen.
If you don't own a barbecue with a lid you may want to consider the Brinkmann Gourmet which allows you to smoke, grill or roast your food, but is also the best entry level smoker on the market. It is easy to use and has generous smoking capacity provided by two smoking shelves.
If you are looking to invest in a food smoker then the Brinkmann Smoke & Grill or Brinkmann Gourmet Grill & Smoker have the cooking capacity for both family and friends. Besides from smoking they can also be used for grilling or roasting, so even if you don't smoke on a regular basis they will still be very useful. The Gourmet is to date our best seller - the base can also be used separately as a portable barbecue.
The next level up in terms of cooking/smoking capacity is the Brinkmann Smoke n Pit, besides the increased capacity it also has a large grill surface, so good for those who like to have the family, friends and neighbours round and have more room on their patios. Many of our customers end up upgrading to the Brinkmann Smoke n Pit Professional (with the firebox on the side), this used be possible with an upgrade kit, but these are now too expensive to import so you will need to sell your Brinkmann Smoke n Pit and buy a new professional - you may keep this in mind when making the decision as the firebox does provide more smoking space and makes it easier to keep the heat/smoke source going.
For the expert smoker we have recently introduced the Rumo Special Edition Smoker which is similar to the Cimarron Heavy-Gauge Charcoal/Wood Smoker & Grill, but made in Germany to exceptionally high standards and is in a class of its own.
For more information and help you can visit or call Roy Jackson on 01483 203095.