Size and Capacity

We have a lot of people asking us which food smoker is better: the ProQ Ranger or the Weber Smokey Mountain 14 inch. Firstly in terms of size and capacity they are both 37cm (14") in diameter, the ProQ Ranger is taller measuring in at 98cm versus 87cm, which should not bear any significant advantage so one point each.


Both smokers will do an excellent job of slow cooking and hot smoking and you can BBQ/grill as well although not large amounts due to smaller grill surface area, but great for up to 4 people. So another one point each for grilling.

Smaller cooking amounts

One of the main differences between these two smokers is that the ProQ is supplied with two stackers which means you can reduce the size when cooking smaller amounts of food by removing one of the stackers, and you can use less charcoal as you are heating a smaller space. The Weber Smokey Mountain has one solid stacker so reducing its size is not an option.


It is easy to light the charcoal on both smokers by removing the stacker(s) which givws you full access to the base where the fire basket is housed. Accessing the food on the top grill to inspect or turn is the same on both and is achieved by removing the lid. Accessing the second shelf to remove or turn food on the Weber requires you to remove the food on the top grill in order to access the middle or lower grill. You can inspect the food on the middle shelf by sliding open the inspection door, but this door is not wide enough to work through or remove food. This is different on the ProQ Ranger as accessing the middle, lower shelf is achieved by simply removing the top stacker. So the ProQ gets 2 points and zero for the Weber.

Future Proofing

Both smokers have the capacity to slow cook food for family and friends, but there are special occasions when we need a greater capacity. On the ProQ you can add another stacker to increase capacity by 50%, this will also allow you to hang a suckling pig. The Weber capacity is fixed. So one point for the ProQ and zero for Weber.


The ability to add or remove stackers on the ProQ Ranger has another advantage, in that by removing both stackers it turns the smoker into a portable BBQ which can easily fit into your boot and used on the beach, picnics or festivals. By removing just one stacker on the ProQ you have a mini smokers. The Weber can be transformed into a portable BBQ in the same way but cannot be used as a mini BBQ, so hopefully you agree this is another point for the ProQ.

Price Comparison

Weber Smokey Mountain £314.00 Including VAT
ProQ Ranger is £210.00 Including VAT which makes the ProQ Ranger £114.00 cheaper


Both the ProQ and Weber Smokey Mountain are both very capable food smokers with some minor differences which won't affect the end results. The ProQ is more versatile, easier to use and better value for money, however you won't go wrong with either.
ProQ Smoker versus Weber Smokey Mountain

ProQ Smoker versus Weber Smokey Mountain