Plancha Gas Griddle - 2 Burner

Plancha 2 Burner Gas Griddle

Plancha 2 Burner Gas Griddle

This Plancha griddle provides an easy way of cooking different foods at the same time. The Brixton Plancha 2 burner gas griddle has 2 gas burners so that the heat can be adjusted across the different grilling zones. When turned down it will keep your food warm.

Ideal for outdoor kitchens alhough also suited to grilling indoors. Using a Plancha grill makes cooking a full English breakfast so easy as you can cook bacon, eggs, onions, tomatoes, sausages etc. all at the same time. For those who love their burgers and sausages and especially when cooking for many people at the same time this 2 burner gas griddle is the ideal tool.

As popularized in Spain and Portugal, a Plancha allows you to quickly sear your meat and fish without drying. The traditional Spanish method of cooking some of the finest meals is to marinade or slow cook shell fish and sear on a Plancha.

Cooking on a Plancha can be compared to our traditional method of barbecuing, but easier, healthier and more versatile allowing you to grill just about anything. Great for catering for friends and family at home. Especially good for grilling all types of seafood.

Brixton Plancha Gas Grill Specifications:

* Piezo Ignition - easy to light
* 2 burners with total power output of 4.8kW
* Large grill surface of 54 x 41.6cm
* Removable Grease tray
* Enameled cast iron griddle
* Use indoors or outdoors
* Product Dimensions: 55 x 52.5 x 25.5 cm
* Outlet: hose connector 8 mm - Pressure: 37 mbar
* Uses LPG Gas
* Not recommended for commercial use

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