How to hot smoke Pulled Pork

Pulled Pork is an all time favourite hot smoked meat. This video will show you how easy it is to hot smoke your own pork shoulder for 16 hours to make the most delicious pulled pork buns.

NEW Short Version of Smoking Pulled Pork

For those busy people out there this is the shortened version of slow smoking pork shoulder. All you need to know about BBQ smoking in 60 seconds.

How to Hot Smoke Salmon

Hot smoking Salmon is one of the easiest and quickiest foods to smoke. This video will take you through the steps required to produce your own delicious hot smoke Salmon. We used the ProQ Ranger food smoker.

How to Hot Smoke Brisket

This video is a step by step demonstration on how to prepare Brisket prior to smoking and covers the slow cooking process with the addition of smoke for that extra layer of flavour. After watching this video you will have a good idea of BBQ smoking Brisket in your garden at home.

How to cold smoke Salmon

Video on how to cold smoke Salmon showing to the salting and drying process followed by cold smoking a lovely piece of Salmon. This video will give you the confidence to cold smoke food at home.

How to light a Proq Cold Smoke Generator

This video shows you how to light the ProQ cold smoke generator which must be the easiest way to cold smoke food. You will be surprised how easy it is - compacting the wood dust will guarantee a successful burn.

BBQ Food Smoking Videos

We trust you will find these videos on hot and cold food smoking useful. After watching these video you will see how easy it is to smoke your own food at home. We will continue to add more food smoking video so please watch this space. The next video we are working on is how to hot smoke a pork shoulder for a delicious pulled pork roll. For any more information please call or email us.

ProQ BBQ Smokers Features Overview

Video showing a quick overview of the ProQ BBQ smokers features.