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For Food Smokers specialize in a wide range of BBQ food smoking products and accessories for both cold and hot food smoking. Hot smoking food is fast becoming the most popular outdoor cooking method mainly due to the excellent results achieve with this method of outdoor smoking. Hot food smoking changes the texture of meat and adds the wonderful smokey flavour. Our range includes vertical smokers, electric smokers and ProQ cold smoke generators. Our BBQ smokers can also be used for slow cooking, traditional barbecuing, food smoking, roasting & hot smoking. We offer BBQ smokers made by leading manufacturers: Brinkmann, Anuka and ProQ BBQ smokers. Accessories include wood chips, recipe books and gift packs - everything you need for successful food smoking. All prices include UK mainland delivery.
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Hot Food Smoking

Hot food smoking is not seasonal like barbecuing although it is more pleasant smoking food in warmer weather and this might be one of the many reasons why slow cooking / smoking food is replacing the traditional BBQ method of outdoor cooking. The smokey flavour does not always appeal to all of us, which is not a problem, as the most important part of the process is slow cooking at low temperatures for very long periods of time which turns any meat tender and tasty. Brisket, which is the best cut for taste, but also a tough cut, is transformed by slow cooking for up to 16 hours into a mouth watering and tender meal. For those who love smoked Salmon don't think it is too difficult to make yourself you will be surprised how easy it is with 70% saving on the bought smoked Salmon. Make enough for a month as it freezes well. For those who enjoy making their own burgers and sausages, slow cooking preserves the moisture, adds that extra dimension of smoke flavour and is much easier.

ProQ Excel on Jamie & Jimmy's Friday Night Feast

For those who watched Jamie and Jimmy's Friday nights feast on channel 4 on Friday 1st January 2016 I can confirm that they did use the ProQ Excel 20 to hot smoke their pork shoulder.

Need Help choosing a BBQ smoker?

If you are new to BBQ smoking then the following information on choosing the best BBQ smoker might be of interest to you.

Videos on How to hot and cold smoke food

We've just shot a series of instructional videos on how to hot smoke Brisket, cold smoke Salmon and how to light the ProQ cold smoke generator. We worked with Turan from the Cold Smoking Cookery School who runs hot and cold smoking courses. We hope these food smoking videos will be of interest to you.
How to Hot Smoke Pulled Pork

How to Hot Smoke Pulled Pork

This video shows you how easy it is to slow cook and smoke the all time favourite pulled pork. In this video we use a mixture of spices to dry rub followed by a 16 hour slow smoke on a ProQ Ranger food smoker.
How to Cold Smoke Salmon

How to Cold Smoke Salmon

This video demonstrates the complete process of cold smoking Salmon from salting the salmon through to cold smoking the salmon using the ProQ cold smoke generator and ProQ Eco container. Although cold smoking is an exacting process it can be easily done at home using a homemade smoke container and a simple device for generating smoke.
Video on How To Hot Smoke Brisket

Video on How To Hot Smoke Brisket

This video demonstrates the process of hot smoking Brisket on a ProQ Ranger food smoker. The first part of the video covers making the dry rub and leaving over night for these flavours to penetrate the meat. To achieve the optimum results the brisket is slow cooked in an outdoor smoker for 16 hours. Brisket can be eaten both hot and cold and is great in a bun with coleslaw or salad. The benefit of using the Ranger smoker is it will burn for up to 8 hours on one load of charcoal briquettes so you only need to light it twice.
Video on Lighting the ProQ Cold Smoke Generator

Video on Lighting the ProQ Cold Smoke Generator

A short video on the best method of lighting the Proq Cold Smoke Generator. This cold smoke generator can be used by anyone to cold smoke fish, garlic, paprika, bacon at home.

The NEW ProQ Elite Range

The Frontier and Excel hot BBQ smokers are now also available in Elite versions which are now have stainless steel components which won't rust and are easier to clean plus the body is thicker than the standard models.

New ProQ Cold Smoke Generator

The Proq Cold Smoke Generator continues to impress our customers - this seemingly simple device is ideal for cold smoking cheese, sausages, fish etc. The cold smoke generator will produce a continuous flow of smoke for up to 10 hours. The new Artisan cold smoke generator is a larger version of the cold smoke generator which produces a greater volume of smoke for longer periods of time so perfect for cold smoking salmon.